Pack Mentality Weekly Roundup - Feb 2 2023

Pack Mentality Weekly Roundup: Right to Food in Oregon, Montana Grizzlies, Colorado Wolves, and more! 

So far, 2023 has been busier than a good bird dog at the state and national levels. Issues around hunting, fishing, habitat, and more have been consistently filling commission, committee, and legislative meeting agendas. The last couple of weeks have been wall-to-wall for us — the need for our attention and action has never been greater. 

With all the fast-approaching meeting dates, times, and deadlines, here’s a friendly reminder to GET AFTER THESE ACTIONS ASAP!

Oregon Right to Hunting, Fishing, and Foraging 

Comment deadline Feb. 2 committee meeting at 1 p.m. PST

The Oregon legislature’s House Committee on Rules has scheduled a hearing for HJR 5 (the Right to Food Bill) during their Feb. 2 meeting. The bill would make it a constitutional right to fish, hunt, harvest, and gather food in Oregon. 

The anti-hunting crowd has voiced its opposition — it’s vital that hunters, anglers, and foragers show up in big numbers to support this bill. Two ways to do that are:

Montana Grizzly Management Plan 

Comment deadline Feb. 4

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) has drafted an updated Grizzly Bear Management Plan and is seeking public comment until February 4. While hunting is only a small part of the management plan, it’s definitely included. This is a huge opportunity for hunters, as grizzly numbers have exceeded de-listing levels.

Colorado Wolf Management Plan

Upcoming Commission meetings: 2/7, 2/16. 2/22

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has introduced a draft management plan for wolves in the state and it needs a tidal wave of support from sportsmen and women. Input and participation are vital. You can make your voice heard two ways: 

  • Check our calendar and attend one or more Public Wolf Planning Meetings
    • RSVP for February 7 meeting, Rifle, CO
    • RSVP for February 16 ZOOM meeting by Feb 9 (everyone can do this)
    • RSVP for February 22 meeting, 
  • Submit comments before the final meeting on Feb. 22

Don't forget to join us for a fun evening in Denver!! Sportsman’s meet-up on Feb 21

Montana Right To Hunt Update

We were successful in getting 97 co-sponsors and the word is there will be enough votes to get this passed to the next stage.  This action has been halted for now and we’ll fire it back up when needed for the next phase!  Amazing work pack!!

Additional Actions That Need Your Attention

Connecticut Needs a Black Bear Hunting Season

As one of the only states with a black bear population that doesn’t allow hunting, CT is in dire need of a legal black bear hunting season as part of their management plan. Over 10,000 bear sightings were documented in 2021 alone. A bill currently being considered would finally allow limited hunting opportunities for bears in the state. 

Submit comments in support of hunting as part of an effective bear management plan.

Feral Horses in AZ are Destroying Habitat, Hurting Native Fish and Wildlife

Roughly 800 – 1,000 feral horses that escaped into Apache National Forest from adjacent tribal lands are wreaking havoc on habitat that is home to antelope, bear, deer, and elk as well as Apache Trout — a species in recovery. A bill is in committee that would prioritize the protection of non-native horses over native wildlife. 

Let the Senate Subcommittee on Natural Resources know that this is a bad bill, plain and simple.

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