Connecticut Needs A Bear Season - Support HB 5073 & 5155

Support Connecticut House Bills 5073 and 5155 to manage their booming black bear population

Connecticut is one of the few states with a sizable black bear population that does not allow for a limited harvest of black bears. Unfortunately, this lack of an active management plan has now become a matter of public safety, as a black bear recently attacked a 10-year-old boy in his grandparents’ backyard.  

Concerned legislators have introduced two measures that would allow the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) to authorize limited bear hunting opportunities.  

House Bill 5073 would open a black bear hunting lottery in the northwestern part of the state through the sale of lottery opportunities.  

Similarly, House Bill 5155 was introduced to “manage the black bear population and protect residents of the state” by authorizing a limited bear hunting season and banning the deliberate feeding of black bears.  

With Connecticut’s booming black bear population, immediate action has become necessary. In 2022, DEEP tracked over 10,500 bear sightings, which represents a more than 20 percent increase from 2021.  

Across the country, states are dealing with expanding black bear populations, and HOWL supports the use of regulated hunting opportunities as a part of a state’s bear management policy.  

Conflict mitigation and non-lethal techniques are a critical part of bear management, but they are more effective when hunting is used to help the state keep bears in appropriate habitats and manage bear population numbers. The most successful, impactful, and proven method for stabilizing black bear population size is through regulated hunting. 


Let Connecticut’s elected officials know that you support these measures that follow sound biological science in actively managing the bear population. Ask them to vote in favor of House Bills 5073 and 5155.

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