You can get an annual $30 Howl For Wildlife membership OR get one of our partner memberships that includes a Howl For Wildlife membership with it.

Our partner memberships are offered at the same price you would find on their website, so you'll get everything included in their membership but you'll also get a $30 annual Howl For Wildlife membership included.  Basically, this means more discounts and contests to win through our partners.  Additionally, you'll be supporting Howl For Wildlife even more because a portion of all partner memberships will be donated back to Howl For Wildlife. 

Example:  You can buy a GOHUNT subscription directly from GOHUNT for $49.95 or you can buy it through Howl For Wildlife for $49.95 and get the membership benefits of BOTH GOHUNT & HOWL.  Additionally, you'll get exclusive HOWL discounts to use at GOHUNT and a portion of your GOHUNT purchase price will be donated back to Howl from GOHUNT. 

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