What We Do

Our Mission: "We educate the public, both non-hunting and hunting, about the cultural, economic, ecological, conservation, and sustenance sides of hunting.  We then give people the tools to take action on hunting, fishing, and conservation issues."


Howl For Wildlife provides streamlined tools and resources with regards to issues surrounding wildlife, hunting, and/or fishing management.  Howl For Wildlife provides content & education sourced from biologists, partner organizations, and boots-on-the ground experts/individuals who are directly involved in the sustainable growth and health of wildlife in North America.  Howl For Wildlife provides the public with streamlined access to officials, decision-makers, and influencers through industry-leading technology.  This technology removes the hurdles of finding who to connect with on wildlife issues and instantly connects the public with the right people so they can make their own voices heard in an effective and efficient manner.  Howl For Wildlife also provides the public with up-to-date information and resources on events such as commission meetings and/or calls for public testimony so the public can be aware of when, where, and how to be involved should anyone in the general public want to be. 



What Howl For Wildlife Achieves (phase 1) 

  • An actionable platform for all who want to protect wildlife and fisheries.

  • An opportunity for businesses to be advocates.

  • Streamlined tools include petitions, direct emails, click-to-calls, and committee meetings.

  • Education & training around the issues of wildlife management, conservation, hunting, & fishing.

  • A portal for non-profits, companies, orgs & their members to promote their actions.

  • Funding of educational, awareness, and outreach projects, mainly to the non-hunting public.

  • Provide the science & data that drive conservation of habitat and wildlife.

  • Link Guide: How to support Howl For Wildlife