Help Oregon Get A Right To Hunt, Fish, Forage, Gather and FOOD!

Oregon has long been known as a state with bountiful opportunities for people to source their own food.  It is an immense source of pride for all who venture into the natural world and return with food for their families’ tables.  The past three years of pandemic and natural disasters have shown us how quickly supply chains and food sources can be depleted.  The harvests from locally foraged foods continue to fill those nutritional gaps in a time when they are greatly needed.  

The Right to Food and self-sufficiency in procurement must be protected for all people in Oregon.  Twice, previous measures were put before the Oregon legislature without even a hearing being granted.  Recent attempts to limit or ban harvesting, gathering, and foraging show that there is an active element wanting to destroy them.   It is vital that sportsmen loudly voice their support for a constitutional Right to Food. Currently, 23 other states enjoy protection under a constitutional provision. 

HJR 5 ensures that current and future generations of Oregonians have the right to fish, hunt, harvest, and gather food as previous generations have done. It will prevent an outright ban on these activities and the ability to remain self-sufficient in procuring food.  It continues to allow for the reasonable regulation of harvesting natural resources by the Legislative Assembly, state agencies, and citizens of Oregon.

HJR 5 does not force wildlife conservation and management goals or priorities on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  It will not infringe on private or public property rights; trespassing is not authorized, permitted, or condoned through this bill.  Poaching and illegal harvest of plants and animals will still be loudly and roundly condemned.  

Oregon needs sportsmen and women to quickly rise to the call and add their voice to the weight of many in support of the Right to Food. 

What does HJR 5 do:

  • Ensures that current and future generations of Oregonians have the ability to fish, hunt, harvest, and gather to sustain themselves and their families.
  • Protects Oregonians from an outright ban on the ability to fish, hunt, harvest and gather.
  • Protects Oregonians ability to self-sufficiently provide for their families
  • Allows for the reasonable regulation of these activities through the Legislative Assembly, citizens of the State, and state agencies.


What HJR 5 does not do:

  • HJR 5 does not alter the wildlife conservation and management goals and priorities of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. The 23 states that have a similar resolution show no change in the conservation priorities of their state fish & wildlife agencies.
  • HJR 5 does not endanger private, or public, property rights; the resolution cannot be used to trespass.
  • HJR 5 does not promote nor condone poaching or illegal harvest of plants or animals.

READ:  HJR 5 Right to Food Bill


The Latest Update 

We need to request the House Committee on Rules to schedule a work session for HJR 5 and pass it with a 'do pass' recommendation, following its strong support in the Feb 2nd public hearing. We value fishing, hunting, and foraging for providing our families with high-quality, healthy foods and as a way to connect with nature. We should express concern about IP3, an initiative that aims to criminalize legal fishing and hunting, among other activities. We should urge the committee to allow the question of constitutional protection for the right to fish, hunt, harvest, and gather to be put to the 2024 ballot, believing that it will be well-supported by voters.

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