VA Camo at the Capitol

Wednesday, March 02, 2022 at 07:00 AM
The Natural Resources Subcommittee of the House Agriculture, Chesapeake & Natural Resources Committee will meet TOMORROW (Wednesday, March 2nd) to consider Senate Bill 8 - legislation to remove the remaining prohibitions against hunting on public lands on Sunday.
We’ve been emailing legislators, we’ve made social media posts, we’ve raised awareness…now it’s time to actually show up.
Come before work, call in late or skip school and help engage in the legislative process.
Let’s flood the committee hearing room with enough camo to send a message to legislators that the hunting community and their constituents support Senate Bill 8.
If it DOES pass the subcommittee, it will likely be taken up in the full committee directly following - so stay around for both.
If you’re willing, consider signing up to give quick testimony about what Senate Bill 8 will mean for you personally. (If you can’t make it - please consider signing up to give virtual testimony over Zoom.)
Here is the link to submit formal comments or sign up to testify. ( )
Hearing begins at 7:30AM in House Room 3 in the Capitol Building - plan to be there with enough time to make it through security and wait outside the hearing room for it to open.