January Wildlife Resource Committee - California

On Jan 11th and 12th 2023 the California Wildlife Resource Committee will meet to discuss a variety of topics. These discussions often lead to what the Commission will eventually vote on.    


Of note: 

  • Petition 2021-017 - submitted by fellow California sportsmen Dan Ryan to address updated seasons, opportunities, tag/point issues and more.
  • Black Bear Management Plan - the department should have an updated plan this year.   We want to do our part in asking for 2nd bear tags, spring seasons, earlier seasons and more. 
  • Elk Hunting opportunities - this is already department supported and would add 112 elk hunting tags to the current amount. 

Here's how you get involved:

Email action - send a note of support to the WRC here - we'll be delivering the emails at the WRC meeting. 

Speak to the WRC - sign up here and we'll send you notes and links to help as well.


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