CA Wildlife Resource Committee Workshop (Petition 2021-017)

Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 03:00 PM

This Wildlife Resource Committee (WRC) meeting is a continuation of the 1/13/22 meeting which ran out of time to give Petition 2021-017 a full hearing. This 2-hour workshop will enable the Commission members, CDFW staff, petition author (Dan Ryan), hunter and the NGO community to speak about the many regulatory changes proposed. 

Petition 2021-017 presents 27 different regulatory changes across several areas of interest (1) a 2nd OTC bear tag for existing hunts/seasons (2) administrative improvements to Big Game Draw and Tag sales processes (3) deer season, tag, zone and premium hunt changes or additions (4) elk season and/or zone changes (5) antelope season and/or zone changes and (6) wild sheep season and/or zone changes. 

Meeting Documents (from 1/13/22 full agenda - 1/27 workshop will be focused on item #7 only) 

Meeting Access via Zoom (this page will be updated prior to the meeting on 1/27) 

Goals of this meeting: support the development of new hunting opportunities, expanding hunting opportunities, modernize and improve Big Game Draw and tag sales systems. To achieve these goals, the F&G and CDFW will need to embrace working with the public while developing a prioritized and phased implementation plan. We DO NOT want this petition to be shelved or rejected purely because it presents complicated or new ideas.