Conservation at Risk: Oppose VT Senate Bill S.258

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Call to Action: Oppose Senate Bill 258

Vermont's cherished wildlife management traditions are under threat from Senate Bill 258 (S. 258), and we need your voice now more than ever. This bill proposes to shift rule-making authority from the experienced Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board to only an advisory board, potentially leading to decisions that may not prioritize sound scientific management and the interests of Vermont's sportsmen and women.

Key Points:

Experience and Expertise at Risk: S. 258 threatens to replace the current Fish and Wildlife Board, comprising individuals with direct experience and knowledge in wildlife management, with a board lacking this crucial expertise.

  1. Balanced Viewpoints or Biased Oversight?: Express concern that the demand for “balanced viewpoints” opens the door for individuals opposed to hunting, angling, and trapping, which could skew board decisions away from established, science-based wildlife management practices.

  2. Advisory Board Only: Stress that relegating the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board to merely an advisory role undermines its ability to effectively govern and make informed decisions on wildlife management.

  3. Ban on Coyote Hunting Practices: Address the complete ban on coyote hunting with dogs or bait included in S. 258, pointing out how this ban could disrupt proven wildlife management methods, affecting the ecological balance and potentially increasing the coyote population beyond manageable levels.

  4. Historical Success and Future Threats: Emphasize the historical success of Vermont’s wildlife management strategies under the current board structure and express concern that S. 258’s changes could lead to future mismanagement and potential ecological imbalance.

  5. Conservation Funding and Tradition: Highlight how hunting, fishing, and trapping not only form the backbone of Vermont's conservation funding but are also part of the state’s cultural heritage, which S. 258 jeopardizes.

  6. Lessons from Other States: Cite examples from states like Washington where similar board restructuring led to decisions that were detrimental to wildlife management, signaling potential risks for Vermont.

  7. Urge for Informed Decision-Making: Request that the committee members oppose S. 258 to ensure that wildlife management in Vermont remains informed by science, practical experience, and the interests of the broader community, including sportsmen and women.

Your Voice Makes a Difference: Your outreach to the Vermont House Committee on Environment and Energy is crucial in opposing S. 258. Make it clear that you value Vermont's wildlife heritage and the principles of sound wildlife management. Urge the committee members to vote against S. 258 and protect Vermont’s natural legacy for future generations.

The current action below should be completed ASAP.  When you send this Howl, you'll be reaching all 11 members of the VT House Committee On Environment & Energy.

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