The Hunter Conservationist podcast - Should hunting as a cultural heritage be protected


Matt Besko, Executive Director of Alberta’s Hunting and Fishing Branch along with Dr. Lee Foote, retired ecology scientist join Mark and Curtis to wrestle with a really tough question – should hunting be deemed a cultural heritage that is legally protected? The discussion is based on a research paper from Poland that uses the five tests of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to assess the intangible elements of the Polish hunting model. Topics discussed in this episode include hunting skills and knowledge as an intangible cultural heritage in Canada, the significance of intergenerational hunting knowledge and skills for nature protection and conservation, and whether hunting skills and practices in Canada deserve, or already have, legal protection as a cultural practice that result in tangible benefits to Canada’s natural heritage. Matt and Lee always dig into topics with the highest level of critical thought and humor which in turn create a fun and engaging conversation.