MeatEater Experiences | GOHUNT | Thank You

I wanted to write a bit of a personal note to you all. 

2024 has been extra special.  We've put ourselves in the trenches, working alongside multiple partners on some of the biggest battles in the wildlife management landscape.  We do things differently, we engage differently, and our action center has gained attention from all sides because of its unique effectiveness.  From Catalina Island to Colorado and beyond, we have driven focus, people, support, and widespread attention to the issues that affect us all.  What's better is that we offer solutions, tools, and actionables to actually make a difference. 

At the heart of all of this is YOU.  The pack.  Absolutely none of this is possible without all of you being engaged on a day-to-day basis.  Many of our partners have also noticed your efforts, to say the least.  Take what's going on in Colorado, for instance. Because of the tremendous amount of support from you, including the most popular faces in our communities we see on podcasts, films, and brands, we have successfully taken a state issue and made it a national—well, arguably, an international call to action—while providing avenues of engagement to effectively make a difference. 

We truly do work together, regardless of who the credit goes to or whether we're the one's gaining members or not.  Our goal is to win; our goal is to go out of business because we've accomplished our mission; our goal is sound science and expert-based wildlife management.  To do this, we must adapt.  The entire "industry," from NGOs to the local archery shop, must be engaged and invested in not only getting involved in the issues, as we say, but also becoming ambassadors to the general public, telling our story, the story of conservation, the story of the food that we hunt, the story of our diverse cultures, and the necessity of wildlife management in a world with 8 billion people.  #huntingishuman

I'm covering a lot here, but I really just want to say thank you.   Yes, we have a lot of work to do—generational work. With how far we've come in just over two years, I know that we can accomplish what many thought impossible.  This is because we have you. 

Recently, we've had a lot of support come in from many large brands.  Basically, they've approached us and said, "We love what you are doing and want to help."  Two of the most recent have been GOHUNT and MeatEater.  GOHUNT created a great T-shirt design and is giving all of the proceeds to HOWL.  I believe they've sold around 600 shirts so far!  MeatEater recently gave HOWL two slots for their MeatEater Experience trips to use as a giveaway to our members. This particular trip is a 3-day offshore/inshore fishing trip in Venice, Louisiana.  All you need to do is have an active membership with HOWL by Aug 10th, 2024, for a chance to win the giveaway.   BTW, if you want to buy the trip with MeatEater, use code HOWL-500-Donation and MeatEater will donate $500 of that purchase to HOWL.

Just click the pictures or links.  We'd love your support.

Oh, and give us a follow on Instagram. You'll get daily information, education, and outreach from us and many of our partners. 

Thank you, and I can't wait to share what we have in store for the future. 

Charles Whitwam - President/Founder