SneekTec is the industry leader in quiet technology. We are driven by a passion to eliminate sound. Our mission is to deliver products that help get you closer to your target without being detected.

In 2007 SneekTec founder Mike Barrick noticed how much noise he was making while trying to stalk a Mule Deer. Mike immediately started thinking of ways he could reduce the sound he created while moving toward his target.

He started noticing every sound he made from the sound of his footsteps breaking twigs, to the sound of his jacket going through brush, to the sound of his clothes when he drew his bow. Mike became obsessed with silence and soon came up with a revolutionary new idea for a boot silencer and the Sneek Boot was born.


SneekTec is currently offering Points Based Rewards and a discount code for actions - see after action email or Member Reward Codes in your dashboard.