Fish & Game Commission relies on the Wildlife Resource Committee to discuss and engage individuals and organizations when developing new regulations.  The WRC is our forum for collaboration when working proactively to drive improved opportunities for hunting and fishing in CA!  On 9/15/22, the WRC will have several very important topics that hunters in California care about.  Specifically, proposed updates to Elk Hunting opportunities, the developing Bear Management Plan, and Petition 2021-017 will be discussed.  NEW AND IMPROVED HUNTING OPPORTUNITY IS WITHIN REACH IN CALIFORNIA!



- Howl via an email to the WRC no later than 9/12. 

- Join our prep/training meeting on Sunday Sept 11th at 7pm.  RSVP here.

- Attend the WRC meeting virtually or in person (Los Angeles area) to speak in support of expanded and improved opportunities for Elk, Bear and premium deer hunts. RSVP FOR THURSDAY'S MEETING

- Share this with your hunting community. The louder we HOWL, the more success we will have with the Commission and the Department.