Legalize PA Sunday Hunting - Pro Hunting Bill

Support Sunday Hunting in Pennsylvania!

Many states are removing the barriers to hunting opportunities by allowing hunting on Sundays. In Pennsylvania, hunters often cite lack of free time as the number one reason they stopped hunting. Sunday hunting presents new opportunities that provide freedom of choice to get out into the woods and carry on the Keystone State’s proud hunting tradition.

Your support and advocacy are needed for lawmakers to support the removal of the prohibition of Sunday hunting in PA Title 34 Game Law and allow the Pennsylvania Game Commission to decide what is best for Sunday hunting.

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 67 repeals the Sunday hunting prohibition blue law that currently exists in PA.  It provides full regulatory authority to the Pennsylvania Game Commission to decide seasons and bag limits for all seven days per week for all huntable species.  Pennsylvania hunters currently hunt foxes, coyotes, crows, non-commercial hunting grounds, and select three Sundays by an exemption.  

Streamlining of the law puts complete management and conservation in the hands of the experts — The Pennsylvania Game Commission.


Another Pro-Hunting Bill we can support!

Content Provided By: Hunters United For Sunday Hunting -   FBIG