OR HB3390 Would Ban The Sale Of Fur & It Gets Worse.

State legislators in Oregon are attempting to pass HB3390, Banning the Sale of Fur.  This goes beyond other attempts to simply shut down the fur industry.  This bill would criminalize the sale or trade of fur products in Oregon, making it a Class A misdemeanor.  

The authors of the bill have made exceptions for leather, cowhide, lambskin, and deerskin.  Taxidermy and fur products for tribal use are also excluded from this bill.  This clearly is not about animal welfare, but an attempt to ban trapping.  The language used in the bill is morality-based and elitist.  Words like “cruel” and “humane” have no context or definition.  

This bill will marginalize communities that rely on these natural products.  Oregonians would be further restricted from purchasing fur products, either from individuals or retail stores.  Pendleton Hats, made in Oregon with beaver fur, would be in jeopardy. This would also greatly impact the fly fishing industry, which relies on natural products for fly tying material. Sportsmen who hunt deer and elk would be limited to what they could do with the hide after harvest. There has been no financial study on the impacts this bill would have on all of these industries should it pass.

This bill has been tried in the past and failed.  Continued attacks on hunting, fishing, and trapping like this are veiled behind “animal welfare” concerns.  Hunters and anglers will suffer unknown hardship and difficulty sourcing and utilizing natural products if HB3390 passes. As a renewable resource the fur industry provides for thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in Oregon.  

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ATTEND:  The public hearing is scheduled for March 30, 8am, in the House Committee on Judiciary. 

CONTACT:  The Oregon House Committee on Judiciary to vote “No” on HB3390

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