Measure 114 - Oregon - Overview and how to help

Measure 114, approved in the Oregon November election by a mere 1.5% margin of 32,000 votes, enacts the most restrictive gun control measures in the nation. The measure becomes law on December 8th, 2022.   For obvious reasons this also creates huge hurdles for sportsmen & women wanting to hunt and conservation dollars received from firearm sales through Pittman-Robertson funds. 


Here's an overview and how you can help. 

  • The new law will require a new permit-to-purchase system which puts in place an additional
    background check, fee, and requirement of a new safety course that includes a live fire component and an ill-defined addition of education regarding impacts of homicide and suicide.
  • It creates a searchable database to house all legal firearms owner’s personal information, including photo, and records all firearms purchases made with the permit.
  • A ban on the possession and sale of “large capacity” magazines, both fixed and detachable.
    “Large capacity” is defined as 10 or more rounds. The inclusion of fixed magazines in the ban makes multiple firearms illegal if they can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, of any size other than .22 caliber, in the internal chamber. This effects numerous shotguns and long guns.
  • The implementation of this new law carries an enormous price tag for Oregon tax payers. The estimated cost for the 2023-25 biennium is $15 million in state taxes and over $51 million in local taxes.
  • Because the new system of permit-to-purchase requires so many layers of lengthy rule-making processes by both the state police and local law enforcement there is no chance to that any of the new system will be in place on December 8th when the law goes into effect. Therefore, all
    firearms sales will end on December 8th and will be suspended until the permit system is established and put in place, which could be years.


Litigation is currently being filed by numerous organizations and developments will be ongoing.  The Sportsmen Opposed to Gun Violence, a coalition of sportsmen’s organization committed to fighting 114, will be supporting an impending lawsuit led by NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation). More information about the coalition can be found at their website:

Donations to assist in the legal fight can be made to Sportsmen Opposed to Gun Violence at


Dec. 6th  - Fed Judge orders permit requirement on hold for 30 days:

However also on Dec. 6th - A county judge granted a temporary restraining order against all provisions of measure 114 -

DEC 13th - restraining order extended -