Support the 2024 Louisiana Bear Season

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission is moving towards introducing a black bear hunting season by 2024 due to the burgeoning bear population in the state. Growing concentrations of bears have become a concern as they lead to economic losses and reduced hunting opportunities in some areas, with bears now being sighted in regions they were never seen before. The inaugural hunting season aims to address these challenges through a phased, "conservative harvest in a limited area." The Commission's intent resonates with many local farmers, sportsmen, and outdoor enthusiasts who feel this initiative is overdue. However, the specifics of the Notice of Intent for the hunting season are yet to be revealed. The bear population, particularly in the Tensas Management Area, has seen a notable increase, with an estimated 1,212 bears as of 2023, representing about 80 to 90% of the state's bear population. As Louisiana grapples with this growing bear issue, the proposed hunting season is seen as a step towards responsible wildlife management and a remedy to the challenges posed by the increasing bear encounters in the state.

One change we would like to see in addition to supporting this bear season is that the age limit is removed to support any legal hunting age. 

View the Notice Of Intent Here