How To Earn Points & Rewards

Points & Rewards :  You must Join & Create an account to take advantage of Points & Rewards

Most actions you take will have a point value assigned to them.   You can view your points and a description of actions you've completed at Your Activity.  Make sure you sign into your account before you take any actions so your account is linked to your activism.    

Tips for building points : *see Instagram tips at bottom

  • Make sure you are signed in 
  • If you are signed in you can use the share tool on each action page to share that specific action/page and track your engagement.
  • Use the recruiter page to get your personal tracking link to encourage people to join HOWL when sharing to FB, Email, Twitter. 
  • Take action on ALL ACTIONS included in our Action Den - Too Easy! 
  • RSVP for events in your calendar 

*To Share Referral Link Using Instagram

Links aren't clickable in posts on Instagram, so do this:

  1. Copy URL from the share tree on actions 
  2. Use the "link" option when posting IG stories then paste the link there.  Your story will now have a clickable link.


  1. Make Referral URL your IG profile link - to encourage people to join.  
  2. Get Linktree (or similar) account to use as your IG Profile link for multiple URLs.