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Included below is a link to download a great video about what's going on in Colorado and the ballot initiative they are facing.  It'd be great if we could all post this video on our respective platforms.  CRWM has been doing a ton of work to get ready to combat the ballot initiative.  Recently, with a small win by getting the term "trophy hunting" out of the ballot title, meaning the question that will be asked of voters.  This is a small step, with many more to come.

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Unite for Colorado’s Hunting Heritage: Your Support is Crucial!

Colorado is at a crossroads. A proposed ballot initiative threatens the rich hunting heritage of Colorado. It’s time we stand united, irrespective of which state we call home. We are calling for an ALL HANDS ON DECK approach to combat this challenge. Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management (CRWM) has been tirelessly working to enlighten hunters on the impending issues.  They’ve fought and won multiple times through the legislative process and the commission process but now a proposed ballot initiative is on the table.

The proponents of this initiative are wielding misinformation as their weapon. They’ve coined the term “Trophy Hunting” to mislead the public and potential voters, veiling their true intentions behind a facade of concern over fair chase, cruelty, and mismanagement. The Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management have embarked on a painstaking journey of legal, educational, and logistical endeavors to quash this unfounded initiative.  Their mission is clear – to halt the advance of this anti-hunting agenda before it morphs into a nationwide ban on ALL HUNTING. The stakes are high, transcending beyond the borders of Colorado, beyond the fate of Mountain Lions and Bobcats.

Your support is pivotal in this battle. How can you help?

Educate Yourself and Others: Download and share the insightful videos prepared by CRWM.  Link to download video in profile or IG story. The “Listen” video is particularly compelling, and sharing it on your personal profiles can make a significant difference.

Donate Generously to CRWM: Your contributions will empower them with the necessary resources.

Spread the Word: Share this cause with your network. Every share counts. Tag @c.r.w.m on Instagram or on Facebook to help spread awareness.

Together, we can ensure the legacy of hunting continues to thrive in Colorado, fostering a united community that stands for responsible wildlife management. Your action today is a step towards preserving a heritage we all hold dear.

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Thank you everyone!