Florida Aims For A Right To Hunt & Fish

Support Florida’s Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish

Two Florida legislators have introduced bills HJR 1157 and SJR 1234 to the House and Senate respectively that seek to permanently make hunting and fishing a public right in the Sunshine State.

Representative Lauren Melo, who has championed the right-to-hunt legislation, and Senator Jason Brodeur, the author of the companion bill, need the majority support of both chambers in order to get the measure on a state ballot.

With nearly 1,000 people moving to the state daily, Florida’s fishing and hunting heritage are constantly under attack, as growth and development continue to change the landscape.

Beyond generations of sporting tradition for residents and non-residents alike, hunting and fishing also translate to significant economic and conservation value for the state. 

4 million licensed resident and non-resident anglers chase tarpon, redfish, snook, and red snapper generating an astounding $13.8 billion in economic impact for the state annually. 

273,000 licensed resident and non-resident hunters take to the woods and water for iconic species like Osceola turkeys, mottled ducks, fulvous whistling ducks, and black-bellied whistling ducks generating more than $1.3 million in annual revenue.

According to Hillary Swain, Executive Director of Archbold Biological Station, hunters are responsible for nearly 20% of the Florida Wildlife Corridor — over 2.1 million acres of National Wildlife Refuges and State Wildlife Management Areas secured and supported by Duck Stamp and Pittman Robertson dollars.

Whether you’re a resident or not, as hunters and anglers, we need to make sure that Florida’s congressional leaders understand just how vital hunting and fishing are to the state’s economy and its historically important sporting heritage.

Contact Florida’s Senate and House leaders and urge them to support HJR 1157 and SJR 1234.

This action connects you to the entire Florida Senate and House (158 total).  Your message will be delivered to 20 randomly selected senators and reps with either your own message or one of our own if you do not choose to write your own.  We have over 60 pre-written emails and subject lines in the back end but encourage you to write your own message or add to ours.  If you are a resident of FLA please include that and don't forget to call your legislators.  If you are not a resident and you get a response back it's important to include your own story should they ask.  Do you hunt and/or fish in FLA?  Do you plan to?  Annually, non-resident hunting licenses and tags sold alone contributes over $400 million across all states.   Fishing adds another $248 million to that number.    This does not include fuel costs, hotel costs, travel costs, restaurant expenditures etc... that add to each states economy.   In Florida the sale of non-resident fishing licenses, tags & permits alone equals almost $24million in the last year.  Your voice, resident or not is wildly important. 

Come back tomorrow and take action again to reach another set of 20 decision makers.




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