Oppose The D.C. Fur Ban

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District of Columbia Bill 24-0758 “Fur Products Prohibition Act of 2022”

Fur trapping is the only effective approach for wildlife management agencies across the nation to control the populations of animals that would not otherwise be managed. When uncontrolled, over-population leads to increased human-wildlife conflicts, increased prevalence of zoonotic diseases such as parvo, rabies, and distemper, increased threats to human health, and increased predatory pressure to livestock and wildlife including endangered species. The marketability of the fur is the only incentive that highly skilled fur trappers have for their participation in this vital wildlife management tool.   

The District of Columbia City Council Bill 24-0758 entitled “Fur Products Prohibition Act of 2022” seeks to ban the sale of fur products within the district, further reducing the marketability of wild caught and farm raised fur and decreasing the incentive for fur trappers to participate in managing furbearer populations across the United States of America.

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