Colorado Wolf Plan and Action

On December 9th, Colorado Parks and Wildlife released their draft management plan. While there are many holes and considerations that hunters and anglers need to advocate for, it is imperative that the commission hears our support for a few crucial tenets of the plan. 

In the coming weeks, the wolf advocacy groups and their supporters will attempt to dismantle the plan in hopes to reach a no vote or scrap the plan in order to buy time so that they may implement their version when a favorable commission has been appointed. See the Defenders of Wildlife proposed plan to see their radical vision for Colorado's landscape and future management. 

It is crucial that as hunters and anglers, we control and take back the narrative as the united majority in support of both lethal measures, support for objective population thresholds of 250 wolves and Phase 4 of the management plan. Be respectful and praise the world class biologists at CPW. While Non-Lethal measures will be the first attempts, our agencies, ranchers and livestock producers need all the tools at their disposal to manage wolves.

Furthermore, phase 4 of the plan would signify a resounding success of our introduction efforts. CPW has done an amazing job of thinking beyond proposition 114 and what the future might hold. Phase 4 is a crucial management tool that would return wolves to a game species and allow them to be hunted on the landscape. The future of our ungulates and all other wild species in CO depend on phase 4. 






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