The wolf managmement bills need to be signed by Colorado Gov. Polis. Action Below

Ask CO’s Governor to sign wolf management bills into law

Proponents of an active wolf management plan in Colorado cleared a huge hurdle recently. Wolf reintroduction in Colorado, which was slated to happen by the end of the year, could be waylaid thanks to the resounding approval of two bills — SB23-256 and SB23-255 — by the Senate and House. 

While the passage of these bills is a significant win for hunters, livestock owners, native wildlife, and residents of Colorado, in order to cross the finish line, they still need the Governor’s signature. 

With both bills now on Gov. Jared Polis’ desk — we need you to let his office know that you support the bills and ask that he sign them into law.

The Governor’s approval is imperative because it will give the state the necessary flexibility for wolf management, offer livestock owners relief for wolf-related losses, and ensure the future health of Colorado’s ungulate populations. 

Wolf reintroduction is still scheduled to happen by December 31, 2023, but unless a 10(j) waiver is granted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), management will not fall under the purview of the state. Instead, the USFWS would continue to be in charge, and wolves would remain under Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections.

SB23-256 and SB23-255 as approved by the Colorado state legislature, would (1) mandate a 10(j) waiver upholding the original terms of Proposition 114 before any paws hit the ground and (2) appropriate funds for livestock owner compensation for wolf-caused injury and losses. 

These bills are important safeguards that would return wildlife management decisions to the state — the same people who are actually doing the management work — and include hunting as part of their management plan.



Let Gov. Polis know that you support SB23-256 and SB23-255 and ask that he sign them into law as soon as possible. 

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