Annual Firearms Registration in CA - Ya we said annual.

Stand against SB 1160: Protect Our Heritage and Rights!

California's SB 1160 threatens to impose excessive financial and bureaucratic burdens on lawful gun owners. This legislation mandates annual registration of each firearm, coupled with a substantial fee per gun, intensifying the already strict regulatory environment. Such measures will not only complicate lawful ownership and inheritance of firearms but also hinder participation in hunting and recreational shooting, crucial to our outdoor heritage and conservation efforts.
We must unite to oppose SB 1160, which would escalate costs for gun owners, undermine our Second Amendment rights, and jeopardize vital conservation funding. Contact your state representatives, participate in public hearings, and raise your voice in defense of responsible gun ownership and our outdoor traditions. Let's ensure that the passion for outdoor sports and wildlife conservation is preserved for future generations. Reject the overreach of SB 1160 and stand firm for freedom and responsible stewardship of our natural heritage.

View The California Opposition Coalition Letter To SB1160 Here

The current action below should be completed by Tuesday, April 2nd.  When you send this Howl, you'll be reaching all 5 members of the CA Senate Public Safety Committee.