June 12, 2024


Dear CDFW Leadership, Wildlife Managers and Commissioners,

HOWL for Wildlife is pleased to submit the attached comments on the 2024 Bear Conservation Plan (Draft). HOWL is a non-profit organization focused on nurturing grassroots hunting, conservation, and wildlife advocacy. While HOWL is active in supporting our members in dozens of states, our roots are here in California, where we have been active in bringing diverse and often underrepresented voices to share the values of hunting, and hunters. HOWL was created amid multiple attacks on the sustainable harvest of black bears in California. We are pleased to see this Conservation Plan update, and we are eager to contribute.

We have identified 79 items which we believe need additional work before the Conservation Plan can be considered complete. At a high level, the plan under-reports the negative consequences of over-abundance and needs to provide robust support and discussion of the social, ecological, and economic values hunting and black bear harvest provide. Finally, for the Commission and Legislature to consider future regulatory and statutory updates, we believe this Plan needs to have a comprehensive review of season structures and additional methods of take. Incorporating data from other states will be essential for informed discussion.

The attached table lists the items we are concerned about, with line #, content in question and our feedback for each item. Please reach out to discuss any of these items, if clarification or other input is needed while the Bear Conservation Plan is being updated and finalized.

HOWL for Wildlife and the broad and diverse hunting community appreciate the work you do, and especially enjoy the opportunity to be active stakeholders in the planning process.


By adding your name to this letter, you are supporting the comments we have added for CDFW to consider.  See both the current CDFW draft plan and HOWL's comments on this draft. 


  • Here is the link to the April 2024 CDFW Draft of the Black Bear Conservation Plan for California.
  • Here is the link to HOWL's line-by-line comments and suggestions for that plan that will be submitted to CDFW.