California To Tax Sportsmen For Gun Violence prevention Funding? - Take Action

California Gun Tax Bill — AB 28

Say “NO” to California’s proposed hunting and recreational shooting tax hike

Sportsmen and women in California might be on the hook for an additional 11% tax on firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition to pay for gun violence prevention, education, and research programs in the state.

AB 28 would require a tax on top of the long-existing and popular Pittman-Robertson (P-R) tax to be deposited in the “Gun Violence Prevention, Healing, and Recovery Fund.” 

If passed by the State Assembly, the total tax burden for hunters and recreational shooters would rocket to almost 30 percent. Yes, you read that correctly.

Let’s unpack the main reasons this bill should be voted down on the Assembly Floor: 

First, AB 28 would place the entire burden of funding illegal gun violence prevention, education, and research solely on the backs of citizens who legally purchase and lawfully use firearms, rather than all citizens across the state paying their fair share. Everyone in California benefits from programs that help mitigate illegal gun violence — everyone should pay into that funding source.

Second, by raising the tax burden on firearm and ammunition purchases to almost 30 percent, the bill would disenfranchise an enormous number of economically disadvantaged individuals and communities — making it completely unaffordable for them to purchase firearms for their own safety or to participate in hunting or recreational shooting. A bad move considering the State Legislature’s efforts to promote outdoor recreation and more access.

Third, the tax that sportsmen and women already pay on firearms and ammunition through P-R is allocated back to the state to fund wildlife management, conservation, and research efforts.

This year alone, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will receive more than $30 million from P-R, which will fund a significant portion of the state’s wildlife and habitat conservation projects for both game and non-game species.

If an additional 11 percent tax is imposed, the loss of sales will also mean a loss of P-R funds, which will translate into less wildlife management, conservation, and research across the state — something that will negatively affect all Californians and will do nothing to prevent illegal gun violence.

If you’re thinking, “Why should I give a crap about California?” — you can bet that if this bill passes in California, it will be attempted in other states as well. Possibly yours. 

Let the State Assembly know that the sportsmen and women of California and beyond are adamantly opposed to SB 28 and ask them to vote “NO” on the bill when it reaches the Assembly Floor.

Read Sportsmen Coalition Opposition Letter Here

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