Take Action Against Canada’s Gun Confiscation Bill

Take Action Against Canada’s Gun Confiscation Bill

The debate over Canada’s gun confiscation bill, C-21, was abruptly ended in early May when the federal government passed a motion to restrict parliamentary and committee debate on the proposed gun bill.

Bill C-21 subsequently passed a vote in the House of Commons and will now move to the Senate to debate.

Bill C-21 was known as the “Handgun Bill," and after October 2022, handguns can no longer be imported, sold, or transferred in Canada. Then, in November 2022, the federal government introduced two completely unexpected amendments to Bill C-21, which prohibited 514 guns plus variants.

The bottom line: these amendments are meant to ban hunting firearms and antiques. The amendments were withdrawn by the federal government; however, if Bill C-21 passes the Senate and becomes law, the federal government can ban those same hunting firearms via an Order in Council.

In 2021, the use of legally owned firearms represented 0.2% of all violent crimes involving a firearm, yet the government’s prohibitions on firearms are aimed at lawful firearm owners.

Please contact the Members of the Senate and respectfully ask them to vote against Bill C-21.  

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