Support Pro Grizzly Bear Conservation In British Columbia

The British Columbia government banned grizzly bear hunting in 2017 for political election reasons. Grizzly bear hunting was sustainable and most grizzly populations are healthy and robust. Also, in 2017, BC’s Auditor General released its audit findings which stated hunting was not a threat to grizzly bear conservation and called on the BC government to update in grizzly bear management plan. Six years later the BC government has finally released an update to the its grizzly bear management plan.


The key elements missing from the plan are:

  1. Funding to hire grizzly bear scientists
  2. Objectives for grizzly bear populations
  3. Actions to protect grizzly habitat
  4. Funding to pay for population monitoring / research
  5. Reducing non-hunting human caused mortality
  6. Social interest in grizzly bear hunting
  7. Action to address First Nations across the province who are demanding the return of licensed grizzly bear hunting.

Learn more from the British Columbia Wildlife Federation here: BCWF Feedback to the Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework Public Engagement | B.C. Wildlife Federation

Listen to the BC Wildlife Federation’s Executive Director Jess Zeman talk about grizzly bear management on Ep. 101 of the Hunter Conservation Podcast

Spotify: Episode 101 – Take Action for Grizzly Bears - The Hunter Conservationist Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

iTunes: The Hunter Conservationist Podcast: Take Action for Grizzly Bears on Apple Podcasts

Everyone can take action!



For those with time - read all of the links above and listen to the podcasts 

 Here is also a cheat sheet

See attached file for written answers within framework survey. Read and follow Howl's cheat sheet to know which answers are copied at which point within the survey.

Take action by October 6th by adding your pro-hunting / pro-grizzly bear conservation voice to the government by completing the survey on the draft grizzly bear management plan here:

Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework - govTogetherBC


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