AZ Game & Fish April 1

Friday, April 01, 2022 at 08:00 AM


This Meeting With AZ Fish & Game is to approve hunt guidelines for the next 5 years. 


Anti-Hunting Orgs are organizing to attend the (this Friday) April 1 AZ Fish & Game meeting to express their wishes to ban or at the very least reduce predator/mountain lion hunting in AZ.  See article here 


#1 - You will need to attend either the main AZ F&G office in Phoenix (location listed in this event)

#2 - Your local AZ department office (scroll down to office locations) to speak to the commission through a virtual portal.


When you arrive you will need to submit Speaker Cards (Blue Cards) to speak to the Commission on Agenda item #2. (Approve Proposed Hunt Guidelines for the 2023-2024 through 2027-2028 Hunting Seasons).  You will have the opportunity to give a 2 minute comment.  The public may view the meeting at - but you cannot speak unless you are there in person. 


Join us this Wednesday Mar 30th at 7pm to discuss & get talking points  - An invitation will be sent to your email after RSVP to register.