WRC Sept 15 Notes

For the Sept 15th 9am California Wildlife Resources Committee Meeting (RSVP HERE) we have included some links and notes to help you along the way.  We will have opportunities to engage with the WRC at each agenda item.

How to Join meeting via zoom - CLICK HERE

Here is the meeting agenda - CLICK HERE

Here is the Commission Regulation Change Petition 2021-017 - CLICK HERE

Here are the proposed Elk Hunting Changes - CLICK HERE

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You'll find some notes by agenda item # below.

#2 - General public comment for items not on agenda: talk about anything hunting/wildlife related not on the agenda.

#4Bear management plan:  The department will have a new bear management plan as early as April 2023.  

- Call for comprehensive analysis of methods of take regardless of current status/law (spring bear hunts, use of hounds); call for increased quota along with new opportunity across seasons, zone and methods of take; call for zone specific bear mgmt to prioritize bear harvest in highest density zones; call for inclusion of central coast and north-east CA bear hunts.

#5b - Proposed Elk Hunting Expansion:  View the details of proposed changes - CLICK HERE

- Fully support the proposed expansion of elk hunting opportunities as the elk population is healthy and growing.  

- Encourage the Commission to increase tag allocations for greater opportunity where applicable.  This could be done by adjusting methods of take on some hunts which would make hunts more difficult and would decrease take, but would allow for more opportunity.  Encourage the commission to look into herd numbers and increase hunt opportunity based on the size of the herd. 

#11 - Regulation Change Petition 2021-017:  View the details of this petition - CLICK HERE

- Example: I'm requesting that CDFW and the Commission make every effort to implement the following changes within the petition: Party Applications Turn Back rule, Returned Tag Reissuance, Bass Hill Boundary Adjustment, Modify Elk Season Dates, issuance of a second Bear Tag and Implement a minimum of three of the General Deer Hunt opportunities in the 2023 season cycle.