The Wild U - Hunting & Fishing Education

What is The Wild U:

After years in the industry together traveling the country hunting and fishing as well as guiding many clients to successful outdoor adventures, Skyler Watkins and Jancy Wilson decided to create a platform to help educated beginning and advanced outdoorsmen alike.  The Wild U isn't designed to tell you what you're doing wrong but more so to create a database of information that allows us all to gather and learn tid bits of information from our peers in an effort to further assist each other in our growth in this pastime we cherish so much.  An unbiased and non judgmental space for us all to grow equally at our own pace and skillset.  We hope you enjoy our efforts and will join us in continuing to share the knowledge that makes our heritage so great.  Use code:  Howl for 10% off.  Howl will receive $3 per item sold.  They have great hats and shirts!