Digital Hunter/Gatherer Almanac

Hunt out of state and want to have quick access to local laws and regs all in one place? 

Season Report is the modernized almanac that looks at the entire ecosystem around you.  Season Report tells you what you can hunt, when, where & how.  When should you start your garden seeds or transplant?  When are local berries, mushrooms, or wild grapes in season?  Our goal is to help people more easily engage with the outdoors in order to promote a sense of ownership that translates to responsible stewardship of our natural resources.  

How to get the Season Report reward:

Complete at least one action in the Howl platform & join Season Report for only $10 on their first year! Season Report will give $5 of every new subscription back to conservation efforts through Howl For Wildlife.  You'll get the link in your confirmation email after you take an action.


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Listen to the Nomad Strength Show Podcast with President Kris Chain of Season Report Here - PODCAST