AZ - Talking Points

TALKING POINTS FOR APRIL 1 AZ GAME & FISH COMMISSION - Fri April 1 8am  -  when you arrive remember to fill out the blue card and write Agenda 2 (that's the issue you'll be speaking on.)

Tips: copy and paste to your own word doc, start writing out your own message, use some of the ideas below.  Time yourself and say it out loud so you get the flow down. 

Start with this when addressing commissioners:

Thank you Commissioners, My Name is __________.  I am from ______  and I hunt, care about, etc... (Do your own thing here.) 

I am here to show support for the quality science-based management recommendations and practices of AZGFD and this Commission. Thank you for prioritizing conservation, wildlife management, balanced populations of diverse species and hunting

Below are some talking points to consider: 

  • Anti-hunting activists, in my opinion, are anti-wildlife activists, and those who aim to abolish predator hunting will ultimately kill wildlife if they are successful. Wildlife, no matter how much people would like to believe otherwise, is unable to maintain a state of equilibrium due to the amount of outside influence exerted by humans. According to scientific evidence, unrestrained predators would deplete prey populations before beginning to die off themselves in the process. With the extinction of prey populations, hunting will cease to be economically viable, and as a result, funding for wildlife will cease to exist, and the future of wildlife is bleak. I'll say it again: anti-hunting is anti-wildlife, and hunting is pro-wildlife, which is perhaps a better way of putting it.
  • I'm sure you'll be asked to evaluate the fact that bears and lions have a strong family structure, or that they are highly conscious animals, throughout your research. However, they are the only large predator that will not only consume the young of rivals, but will also devour the young of their own species. This is the polar opposite of a strong family structure, and it is not indicative of a being who is in touch with other beings in its immediate environment or space. Since the beginning of time, special interest groups have attempted to anthropomorphize bears; however, the reality is that if given the opportunity, bears would gladly consume you. These same organizations would have you believe that hunters are bloodthirsty trophy hunters out to collect skulls and hides. When the reality is that hunters care about wildlife, protect wildlife, go above and beyond for wildlife, consume the delicious meat of bear and lion and are unrivaled when it comes to providing funding for wildlife conservation.
  • I believe that there is a necessary value in the management of large predators, I believe that you cannot manage wildlife from a single perspective, and I believe that all wildlife is valuable. I agree with entrusting wildlife management choices to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and I support the current recommendations. I'd want to add something else. Contrary to popular thought, hunters love the table cuisine that is offered by the bear and lion that they have harvested. We do not consider the meat from these animals to be of inferior quality, and the majority of us regard the meat as being as important as, if not more so than, the hide or head.
  • In a recent poll of hunters 98% stated that the meat was equally as important to them as the head or hide of an animal. 99% of hunters stated they take more than is required of them by wanton waste laws. I bring this up because a common misconception especially with bears and lions is that we are only in it for the "Trophies" or "photographs". I do not think the general public understands how important securing our own meat is to us. That is why I urge you to not take away opportunities for us to secure wild, organic meat. I also want to voice my support of the new recommendations of the AZGFD.
  • When wildlife populations are allowed to grow beyond what the local habitat can support, nature takes over and takes control. Nature is a ruthless boss who has no compassion. Mother Nature often employs harsh winters and slow, relentless hunger as a means of keeping populations under control. Diseases and parasites, which cause more agony and death, are also included in her management toolbox. I favor scientific based wildlife management, as well as hunting as a humane wildlife management strategy.  

At the end of your speech include that you support the Department's recommendations and you trust that the Commission will as well.  Be sure to say Thank you and have a great day!